What is E-bénisterie® ?
E-bénisterie® is the art of designing and producing decors and furniture by using the latest digital technologies .

During Louix XV reign in the 18th century, classical ébénistes used the most advanced technologies of their time to create for the King, furniture that still impress today.

Inspired by the pioneer and innovating spirit of those women and men, Luxunika create the E-bénisterie® process which is build on the following main areas


A digital Process

The E-béniste® process from Luxunika allows us to guide our customers through a digital pipeline starting from the first hand drawn sketch and ending with the delivery of the finished piece following clear milestones.

Process E-béniste®

©luxunika surfaces 3d luxunika

Unique, infinite and natural 3D surfaces

Luxunika R&D department, constantly searches for algorithm to create parametric 3D surfaces. From bio inspired to geometric surfaces Luxunika has a large catalogue of surfaces that combined with Luxunika many materials offer you an infinite range of possibilities.

3D Surfaces by Luxunika

Living surfaces

Luxunika R&D also works on making surfaces "alive" and "intelligent". Objects and surfaces are then capable of reacting to the "context" and the "environment'.

Living surfaces



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